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What is Young Investigators?
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BA Young Investigators is aimed at 8-13 year olds. Schools and families that join the Young Investigators network receive a pack of easy to use activities which can be used in science and technology lessons, at home or in a science club.

The activities build on children's investigation skills and develop their problem solving skills. As investigators progress through the award scheme they become more self reliant and self confident in approaching problems. To start with, the activities are quite prescriptive, but at the higher levels the students are encouraged to follow their own interests, do their own background research, and design their own investigations.

As students successfully complete the activities they can apply for awards to recognise their achievement.

The award scheme:

  • motivates and encourages children of all ages and abilities
  • encourages gifted and talented children through independent project work
  • allows children to explore their own ideas and interests within science
  • develop investigation and problem-solving skills
  • raise the profile of science in school and the community
  • provide opportunities for formative assessment in schools
  • provide management skills for new teachers
  • is great fun!