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Scientists are increasingly being asked to communicate ethical and social issues that arise from their work. 

However, there are few opportunities for scientists, at the beginning of their career, to obtain experience in discussing social implications of their research.  

Postgraduate and postdoctoral scientists, engineers and social scientists, funded by one of the UK research councils or Microsoft, are encouraged to explore the social and ethical implications of their research by entering perspectives - a poster session with a difference. 

What is involved?

In  and provided the funds for the scheme, and 37 scientists were selected to design and exhibit a poster at the BA Festival of Science held at the University of East Anglia, Norwich.  Posters from the BA Festival of Science at Trinity College Dublin can be seen here.

Am I eligible to apply? Read the eligibility criteria

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When and how do I apply? Access application information

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"We need better, stronger, clearer ways of science and people communicating. The dangers are in ignorance of each other's point of view; the solution is resolving them."

Science Matters
a speech by the Rt Hon Tony Blair MP
23 May, the Royal Society
"We recommend that the communication training offered to research students should be broadened to include an awareness of the social context of their research and its applications."
House of Lords Select Committee on Science and Technology
23 February, Third Report