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Gold Young Investigators activities
Like silver awards, gold Young Investigators awards are given for extended project work.  A gold project is a longer piece of work than a silver project - approximately 30 hours.  Another major difference is that at gold level, the student should plan and design the investigation without too much help from the teacher.

Let your BA Regional Officer know if you are planning to embark on a gold level project and they can advise you on suitable topics as well as chat about the assessment later on.

Successful gold projects are often related to a student's hobbies or interests.  For example, Rajiv, a keen tennis player, did a project on on tennis balls:

Rajiv's project 'How tennis balls bounce'
Download project (pdf 656kb)

Other projects which have been successful in the past include (see also Silver project ideas):

  • Comparing model hot air balloons of different materials
  • Comparing man-made flying machines with birds, insects or bats
  • Comparing how different fabrics behave when they are washed, ironed or stretched
  • Investigating the properties of waterproof or insulating materials
  • Researching how people use their local recreation areas
  • Investigating how number of sails affects wind turbine efficiency
  • Looking at the effect of different drinks on tooth decay
  • Comparing the speeds of cars on different surfaces
  • Comparing the strength of glues
  • Comparing vitamin content of different foods
  • Testing the corrosion of different metals