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What is BA Science Communicators?
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BA Science Communicators is an award scheme aimed at students aged 11+. Schools, families or clubs that join the Science Communicators network receive a pack of easy to use activities designed to inspire and engage young people with scientific issues.

Science Communicators awards help students to develop a broader understanding of the role of science and technology in today's society and the ability to communicate relevant issues in an informed and confident way.

There are three levels of award:
Bronze   10 hours
Silver     20 hours
Gold       30 hours of project work

At each level, students must carry out a range of activities that include three elements:

  • text-based communication
e.g. writing a poem, producing a poster or writing a newspaper article with a scientific theme

  • live presentation
e.g. performing a drama, taking part in a debate, making a radio programme on a scientific issue 
  • practical science communication skills

e.g. organising a science fair or exhibition, building a model (3-D model of the digestive system, DNA molecule, etc) or helping with a primary science club.

Awards consist of a Science Communicators certificate which can be included in the student's achievement portfolio.