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How to run FI activities
BA First Investigators activities are designed to be flexible, so that they can be used:
  • in lessons
  • in a science club
  • at home
Each basic activity takes approximately 45 minutes.  Children can work individually or in small groups.
All activities are easy to resource, with objects readily available around the home or classroom. 
Developing investigation skills
First Investigators leads children in the development of investigation skills, from observing, recording and measuring through to predicting, fair testing and interpreting results.
Each activity ends in more open ended questions, which encourage children to take the topics further and develop their own investigations if they wish. All the activities have been thoroughly tried and tested by teachers and are accompanied by teachers' notes.
Applying for awards
There are two levels of First Investigators awards:

  • Silver star award
To achieve the silver star award, children must complete six activities from the First Investigators pack.

  • Gold star award
To achieve the gold star award, children must first complete a silver star award. They must then complete either a further twelve First Investigators activities, or six activities plus a longer project.

When you are happy that students have completed the required number of activities, you simply fill in the award application form in the First Investigators pack and send it to the .
First Investigators awards cost £2.50 per student.  Students receive a certificate and enamel badge.