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FAQs about BA Activity Packs
How do I get hold of a BA activities pack?
To obtain any of our activities packs (First Investigators, Young Investigators and Science Communicators) you register with the scheme. The annual membership costs £30 for one activity pack that you can choose out of the three. You can also order two different packs for £48.

How many BA activity packs do I need for my students?
You only need one pack. The activities can be photocopied and used with as many students and classes as you like.

How do I apply for awards?

Use the award application form included in your BA activity pack. If you haven’t got one or would like a new form please .

What is the cost of awards?

Awards cost £2.50 per student. This includes a certificate and a badge for First and Young Investigators and a certificate for Science Communicators.

Where do I send my application form for awards?

The BA relocated to a new building in September. Our current address is: Young People’s Programme, the BA, Wellcome Wolfson Building, 165 Queen’s gate, London, SW7 5HE

Do I need to enclose a copy of the student’s work when applying for awards?

You only need to send us your students’ record cards if they are applying for the Young Investigators’ silver and gold awards. For all First Investigators awards and Young Investigators Bronze A, B and C all you need to send is the application form.

How are Young Investigators’ Gold and Silver projects assessed?
Both need to be assessed externally. For the silver level the second assessor can be a teacher from another school or your regional officer. All gold projects need to be assessed by your regional officer. Regional officers contact details can be found in your activity pack.
How long will it take to receive my awards?
It usually takes 7 working days for delivery. However, during busy times (e.g. the ends of term) processing of application forms may take up to fourteen days. Please send in your application form well in advance to avoid any disappointment.

Can you send me an invoice for my awards?

We generally need to receive payment before we can issue any awards. If this isn’t possible and you require an invoice please .

How can I get more stickers for the Science Communicators’ Passports?
Please .

Are you still called BAYS?
We no longer refer to ourselves as BAYS. We are now the Young People's Programme and our BAYSdays have been rebranded BA Science Discovery Days.