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The BA Festival of Science (4-11 September, University of Exeter)
The Press Centre at the BA Festival of Science
Every year, the BA Festival of Science generates hundreds of articles in the UK press. Here are some of the headlines from:

How Queen could seriously improve health of smokers
Number dyslexia hits one in 20 children
'Bad vibrations' that could make you see a ghost
Rich diet adds to breast cancer risk
Problem solved – Daisy’s quacked it

The Festival hosts a Press Centre for journalists and broadcasters. Facilities include:

  • Access to dozens of press conferences throughout the week
  • A dedicated press workroom, including telephones, faxes and network points, Internet-compatible PCs and interview rooms, including ISDN lines
You don’t have to be at the Festival to get the stories, though. Press papers will be available in late August for each of the sessions.

Register here for access to the online press papers or to the BA Festival of Science Press Centre.

For further information, visit the BA Festival of Science section or email .

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